Meet Our Horses

Our herd is a big happy family! We’ve got horses of all ages and colors. However, they are all one breed – Quarter Horses – stalwart, steady, and reliable!

Horse for Sale: Meet Sukey, a 10 year old mare with a sweet, lively character! Sukey stands 14 hands tall and would be perfect for a younger or smaller rider. She leads trail rides, cuts cows in team penning, and jumps up to 2 feet (with the scope to do more). She is easy to catch, loads and trailers well, and is 100% sound. If interested, call us at 540-933-6564 or shoot us an email.

Walks-A-Lot: an Appendix Quarter Horse. Walks, as he is commonly known, is the most unique horse on the ranch. He is the best training horse for beginner riders and is used for all special needs clients. He is the fastest, yet most gentle horse. Walks has been in numerous movies, including: Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Men who Made America, Wild Wild West, Making of the Mob, and Battle of the Bighorn. Walks has also been involved in many civil war re-enactments and Washington DC parades. He loves to lay down in the creek or go for a swim, even with a rider on his back.

Roger: is a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. Roger has been involved in numerous civil war re-enactments and commonly plays the role of Sgt. Reckless due to his similar facial marking and color. Sgt Reckless served in numerous combat actions to deliver supplies and ammunition, as well as carry out wounded personnel. Roger is an excellent trail horse and specializes as an escape artist and can untie himself from anywhere.

Wimpy: is a Palomino Quarter Horse gelding. Wimpy specializes in reining and has won shows in this competition.

He is a cow horse and is very good at team penning, where he enjoys going after the cows! Wimpy has also worked in parades as well as Civil War reenactments.

Misty: The gem of our herd is a black Quarter Horse mare, the granddaughter of Don’s Midnight. Misty is an all-star in every discipline: she jumps, she reins, she cuts cows, and more. Of course, she also a calm, reliable trail horse that guests usually fall in love with at first sight!

Jessie: Have you ever met a horse with heterochromia? Then Jessie will be your first – one of her eyes is sparkling blue and the other is muted brown. Jessie is a Quarter Horse mare with a personality as two-sided as her different eyes: she can be both slow and steady on the trail and speedy in the arena or field.

Mickey: Good, old Mickey – the most experienced Civil War reenactment horse on our ranch! This lanky bay Quarter Horse gelding is as smooth as a sailing ship and will take you for a quiet ride. He is virtually cannon ball proof (due to his reenactment experience) and will not spook at anything, let us repeat ANYTHING. Nothing ruffles this horse’s feathers! But, he does enjoy a dip in the creek – both with or without a rider on his back. 😉

Gabby: If someone is looking for an extraordinary cow horse in action, then this Quarter Horse mare is definitely the one for you! While she might seem a normal, placid horse on the trail, in the penning arena her feisty personality comes to light and you see a completely different horse cutting cows.

Leo: This 11 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding is a relatively new addition to our herd. He comes to us from out West, the land of the cowboys, and his brands speak of an exciting past on Memory Ranch in Nevada and beyond. Leo’s groundwork is exquisite, and he is a pleasure to ride both in the excitement of team penning and on a quiet trail.

The Horses That Made The Ranch

Nearly 3 decades have passed since SPR was established. Many of the horses which were at the Ranch’s birth are no longer with us, but we remember them fondly. Meet the horses who shaped the ranch!

Midnight: Every so often the horse chooses the rider, and then stays with them forever. That’s what happened with Midnight and Don – a previously untouched 6 month old filly walked up to Don Warlick and decided that she liked him. She lived for 45 years, hand in hand (or hand in hoof) with her rider. Midnight won countless barrel races, pole bending, jumping and equitation competitions. On the ranch, she was a trustworthy, gentle steed who watched out for the little ones. We miss her!

Con (Continental Doc Bar): He was Don’s original stud; he is true Foundation bred and has blood both from Continental King and Doc Bar. Con is the sire of many of the horses that you will meet at the ranch today. This stud was in many movies and reenactments, including a Kellogg Cornflake movie. Con lived for 43 years, and died of a heart ache midstride as he was cantering up to Don up from the field.

Snip: Who says the kids of famous parents cannot live up to their reputation?! Star Bar and Star Bar Gold, Snip’s sire and dam, both won reining championships. Snip was a great reining horse himself… and he could also fly! He lived for 39 years and because Don was the only one who rode him all this time, he was nigh near perfect – Don didn’t let him get away with anything!

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