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Secret Passage Ranch understands and values the sacrifices that the great men and women of the military make for our country. We love to give back to active duty and veterans by working with Wounded Warrior, Victory for Veterans, Single Marines programs, and other organizations. We offer a military discount in support of our troops.

Victory for Veterans was established to help combat-wounded veterans in their recovery process through therapeutic riding programs. Secret Passage Ranch is an ideal setting for this kind of program. We have specially trained horses which can accommodate severe physical injuries such as amputations, or gentle interaction with those suffering from PTSD and other Traumatic Brain Injury.

Victory for Veterans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, operating exclusively on funds raised through charitable donations. 100% of donated funds go to operating this worthwhile program. Veterans are brought by bus locations such as bethesda National Medical Center to Secret Passage Ranch for a day of activities which include working with horses and other activities. They are welcome to bring their immediate families, and enjoy a cookout while in Fort Valley.

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